For the Love of Mini Australian Shepherds

Tigger Relaxing Autumn the Queen Meeko the King

Aspen Rain Fields
Diane and Lonnie Christensen

Helpful Links

Australian Shepherd Illustrated Breed Standard
Outstanding guide to breed standard conformations.

American Stock Dog Registry
The American Stock Dog Registry was created to provide an alternative registry program for all sizes of Australian Shepherds.

Field Guide to Coloration of
Australian Shepherds

Great Link on coloration, traits, genetic features of the Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd Club
of America

Great resource for all information on Australian Shepherds.


Our Facility

Starting in January 2017 and throughout Spring/Summer 2017 we will be relocating our business facility to the Ferndale Area of Washington state. We are expecting to complete this process within the year with better and more conducive housing for our adult dogs. Ferndale is a lovely area just north of Bellingham and about 20 minute drive south of the Canadian border. Excitement with this prospect abounds. Many plans and steps are still ahead but we will continue provide the high standards and qualities already in place.

We run a top-notch facility where our dogs have plenty of room to run, protection from the elements, and loads of opportunities for socialization. We just built a "dog house" complete with heat and cushions for them to curl up on those chilly winter days. All dogs receive regular grooming and individual care. Providing health testing of various degrees/types is an on-going process in our adult dogs. These include such tests for MDR1, Pra/Prcd, OFA hips, H/C, CEA, CERF and DM. All paperwork and certificates related to the testing we have done can be provided upon request.

Contact Us

We are the Christensen Family - Diane and Lonnie. You may reach us via cell phone
or contact us at