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Time to bring home your Puppy!

It's SO cute! It's SO Loveable! You can't wait to bring them home and enjoy building a lifetime relationship with your new heart throb. These pups are full of energy and personality and most of all, they want to love their new families! As breeders, there is no more fulfilling gift than finding new loving homes for our pups. We make every effort to provide healthy, well-socialized pups that are eager to learn. We wait until they are 8 weeks of age because that is the stage of their mental and physical development when they are most open to new training and to continue their physical growth and strength building. Your pup will need all the love you have to give it, and lots of exercise to spend the seemingly limitless energy they have. There is a lot more information on our FAQs page and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Purchasing information:

Here at AspenRain Fields our primary goal is to breed happy, sound and beautiful pups with lively dispositions and correct conformation according to breed standards. Our animals are competitively priced per dog--with awareness of the current market conditions. The ultimate joy is to find the right pup to match the new owner!

  • Effective as of April 1, 2023 we will be changing some of our pricing for puppies
  • Our dogs start at $600 and go up from there. Prices subject to change and can be open to negotiation for special circumstances.
  • Black Tris range from $650-$800 depending on eye color and markings.
  • Red Tris range from $650-$800 depending on eye color and markings.
  • Breeding rights are available for an additional $600 for females, $500 for males.
  • Breeding rights are given to approved homes only.
  • All sales are on a spay/neuter contract.
  • Buyer must have background knowledge and experience to breed and will be at sellers discretion as To whether they are a good candidate.
  • All dogs will be tested prior and intentions discussed with seller.
  • Merles - Both the Red and Blue will all be priced at $800 - $1100
  • Starting April 1st 2021 we will be incorporating/charging WA state sales Tax
  • Price reflects eye color, markings, health testing, show quality etc.
  • All 'Toy' Australian Shepherds pups are priced slightly higher than the 'Miniature' Shepherd breeds but usually lower than the current market price.

Reserving the puppy of your choice from a particular litter: If you are interested in a puppy you can let me know, and I will hold it as a 'pending sale' up to 48 hours. I will make the puppy available for sale to others if I do not recieve your $100 deposit within the time period. The deposit is 100% refundable (only up to the 6th week of age) or transferable to another pup if available.

Methods of Payment: Paypal (add 3%), cashiers check or money order. For Paypal customers - please send deposits and/or payments to or

Accepted method of payment for pups that are to be shipped will only be PayPal or Wire transfer.The balance must be PAID IN FULL once a flight reference number is provided.

We accept personal checks, Venmo or credit card by phone

We can accept Venmo for payment/deposit

Venmo is - diana-christensen-8 - last digit for phone - 6745

This is normally one week prior to flying. If payment is not made on time the pup does not fly and an additional charge will be added for time, driving and inconvenience. It is a distance to our airport and we do try to ship pups on weekends and as a group. Thank you for your understanding.

Puppies are released at 8 weeks of age. We are happy to hold your puppy up to week 9 unless alternate arrangements are agreed upon. If you need us to continue to care for your puppy after 9 weeks, a boarding fee of $10 a day, plus any medical charges necessary for his/her wellness schedule (i.e. shots/worming) will be added to the total cost of the pup.

I will not hold more than 2 puppies at a time for any one party. I am happy to do so especially if a specific eye color is desired. A deposit must already be in place and a decision made no later than the 3.5 week. Should you wish a tail left on you must notify us within 1-3 days of birth –3% of the purchase price is required to do so and the understanding that in this case the deposit is non-refundable, nor transferable. This will be your choice as a pup.

We welcome visitors at our farm generally anytime with most occurring on the weekends. Please schedule a visit via phone or email so that we can best accommodate you and answer questions. Be courteous and appreciate the fact that our time is valuable to others and ourselves. Please call /text if you will be more than an hour late or can't make it. Thank you for understanding.

Shipping is available only in the United States. Prices predicated on destination. Averages $315 - $350 dependent on Airlines. In addition, there is a $30-$40 crate charge and $40 health certificate fee. (Crate charge is based on pup size). Shipping policies are subject to federal regulation changes. Please contact us directly for more information about how to get your pup delivered.

Contract must be signed and returned prior to exchange of funds. Please complete our contract when you have chosen your pup.

Dear Past and Future Puppy Owners...

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Disclaimer: Prices subject to change without notice and adjusted accordingly per
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